Honest mechanics

We want to serve you with honesty, transparency and quality in our work.

Honesty: As we maintain your vehicle and conduct our safety inspections, we often find parts beginning to wear out. We do our best to keep you informed on the status of your car and future repairs you will need. Some repairs are crucial to keep you safe or from being stranded on the road, while other repairs are less critical and can be planned around your time and budget. We let you know the difference.

Transparency: Trusting someone you hardly know is difficult so we make it a little easier by giving you the option to see the parts that were replaced.

Quality: We pride ourselves on getting the job done right, guaranteed. We have knowledgeable technicians and we only use the best parts because we value your time. We work very hard to make sure your vehicle is repaired so you can get on the road without having to think twice about your car, truck or SUV.


Darrel Patzkowsky, Owner

Richard Xiong, Technician

Nang Lee , Technician